Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blast from the past.

The new owner (Luke) has contined from where the last left off. C-West has had a bit more influence on my old car. First thing I noticed was the C-West Lights and radical new paint.
The moulded rear fender into the RE-Amemiya GT kit is from the previous owner but it still remains, as do the wheels.

However this is where all the action is and where the cash has been spent.
13b - bridgeport, dowelled housings,
2mm race spec Apex seals,
Fuel rail with 4 x 1700cc injectors,
2 x 800 hp fuel pumps,
Polished Rotor Housings, Manifold,
GT42r, Pod Filter,
60mm wastegate,
bov, 3" pipes,
Front mount intercooler,
Aluminium radiator,
Microtech comp,
Line locker kit fitted
All that equates to 426hp at the wheels while running 14psi boost. With hopes of drifting and hard track action I'll wait for some better pics. But for now just a preview.

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